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La Cámara Argentina de la Actividad Frutihortícola is a member of the following
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Member of NSA

International NSA Trade
International Commerce NSA

Member of FLAMA

Federación Latinoamericana de Mercados de Abastecimiento
Latin American Federation of Supply Markets

Member of the WUWM

Unión Mundial de Mercados Mayoristas
World Union of Wholesale Markets

Institutional CAAF

Institutional of the Cámara Argentina de la Actividad Frutihortícola

Created in the year 1987

The Cámara Argentina de la Actividad Frutihortícola (CAAF) is the entity that brings together the operations and marketing of fruit and vegetables of the Argentine Republic..

The Cámara Argentina de la Actividad Frutihortícola (CAAF) is a member of FLAMA (Latin American Federation of Supply Markets), International, Non-Governmental Organization, created on December 16, 2004, in Brazil, and which we jointly organize, promote and participate in National events and International.

The Cámara Argentina de la Actividad Frutihortícola (CAAF) is a member of the WUWM (World Union of Wholesale Markets).

National Business and International

International Business

The CAAF, is the entity that today coordinates commercial links of food businesses with the world, and especially Fruits and vegetables, with administrative, commercial and productive logistics, applying the method of delivery | destination "Door to Door". We invite you to know the details of the objectives and benefits of associating.

National Business

The CAAF receives orders to purchase food in general and especially fruit and vegetables, with its own logistics, to provide directly at destination to: hotels, restaurants, bars, pubs, clubs, soup kitchens, charities, grocery stores, etc.
The CAAF representative of producers, operators, and exporters, has a significant number of associated companies that ensure quality and health in their products, taking them to their destination with excellent presentation and freshness.
The CAAF has the logistics to assemble the packaging of products required by the customer, package them and send them according to their needs.
Expand your commercial borders, ... we help you get to the world, we have teams of experts in national and international trade, make contact, your concern can be the start of a great business.
Complete the "We help you market?" Form and we will provide you with information about it.

National Events and International





Costa Rica






Latest activities of CAAF

Barcelona welcomes you to the 33rd International Wholesale Market Conference (WUWM)

April 6 to 18, 2018

The Cámara Argentina de la Actividad Frutihortícola (CAAF) is the associated entity and recognized by the WUWM (World Union of Wholesale Markets).

La Cámara Argentina de la Actividad Frutihortícola (CAAF) will be present in Barcelona in its 33rd edition, which will be entitled "The Markets of the future: socially responsible and efficient".

We invite everyone to join

1st Business round of the year in Brazil
| International |

We started the year with the 1st Round of business in Brazil, with international delegations to Belo Horizonte and Rio de Janeiro.
We invite everyone to join
February 28, 2018

Offers of trade of products of the NSA
| International |

The CAAF partner and member of the NSA International Marketing, offers offers and products to be traded between countries, in this case Chocolates Moctezuma. February 22, 2018

President Mauricio Macri in the Central Market of Buenos Aires
| Argentina |

The president of the nation Engineer Mauricio Macri toured the ship 11 of the Central Market and then shared a barbecue with workers and some businessmen.
February 21, 2018

Annual summary of the activities and events of the year 2017
| Argentina |

Annual summary of the activities of the CAAF during the year 2017. Regional, national, international events, meetings with producers and marketers, meetings and with governmental entities
December 15, 2017

CAAF and FLAMA represented by its Secretary General of Argentina, Dr. Raúl Giboudot, greets Pima and its leadership in its 40th Anniversary
| Argentina |


Television note to Dr. Raúl Giboudot at the 30th Anniversary of Fenaomfra in Córdoba
| Argentina |

CAAF and FLAMA coordinated from Argentina, business round in the Mercado Modelo (Uruguay) and in the CEAGESP (Sao Paulo, Campiñas)
| Brazil |

Recognition to Dr. Raúl Giboudot of the Municipal Government of Berazategui
| Argentina |

FLAMA developed in the event of the WMC (World Markets Congress) the commercial activities of the CAAF
| Australia |

FLAMA authorities in Melbourne, reported on the activities of the CAAF and its commercial actions with International links.
Photos of the facilities of the Australian Markets, the Melbourne Market and the Queen Victoria Market. 


FLAMA authorities participated in the WUWM in Melbourne
| Australia |

The CAAF remembering the day of the Fruit and Vegetable Markets
| Argentina |

The CAAF participated in the solidarity event "El Morenito" in the town of Moreno-Buenos Aires
| Argentina |

Contribution of the CAAF and FLAMA at the "Gran Paella Solidaria" event in Quilmes

The CAAF participated in the event, "Great Paella solidarity for the Hospital Oller de San Francisco Solano" in the town of Quilmes. Firemen, Red Cross, Scouts participated and CAAF and FLAMA donated more than 900 kgs. of vegetables Sep.30. 2017

ECATEPEC Supply Market in Mexico

An event was held at Casa Rosada celebrating the first year of "El Mercado en tu Barrio"

Award to CAAF and FLAMA in the National Final of the Argentine Culinary Olympics, ACRA

Neighbor Market Event at Berazategui-Bs.As. distinguishing the CAAF

The caaf in action, in the neighboring market of the city of Berazategui, plazoletaRigolleau, auspicio of the municipality of Berazategui. Sep.19.2017

Invitation to CAAF and ARGENTINE FLAMA to the National Final of the Argentine Culinary Olympics, ACRA

Changes in the Monotributo by Dr. Daniel Esteban Guil | Commercial Director of C.A.A.F.

General Assembly of FLAMA-Costa Rica Dr. Raúl Giboudot

Radial note to Dr. Raúl Giboudot

Radial interview with Dr. Raúl Giboudot, commenting on the current situation of the fruit farming activity, and how current policies affect regional economies. Aug.28.2017

CAAF and FLAMA announce CAWA visit to Argentina

General Assembly of FLAMA-Costa Rica

UTCYDRA-CAAF collective bargaining agreement

Celebration of the PACHAMAMA´S day

CAAF in São Paulo Brazil

Invitation to the CAAF of ABRACEN

NSA in the Montevideo Model Market

Visit to the Berazategui Industrial Park

Agreement between CAAF and the NSA

Market center of San Vicente Chicoloapan

Sustainable Family Agriculture Seminar